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Finding Home
Deep thoughts by Mark Harris
September 7, 2010  

We've all heard the sayings, "Home is where the heart is." - in another, they say, "Home is not where you live, but where they understand you."

It seems every poet, philosopher, and writer has pondered the importance of "home" in this morbid and twisted game, we call life.

Whether we had a favorable childhood with a loving home, or abandoned and left to raise ourselves having never felt love, each and every one of us has a deep rooted urge to belong somewhere and be loved. - Even if you're a selfish, mean, hateful person, you still crave a place you can be yourself. We all crave it.

Is "home" a place? is it the house or the town you grew up in? or the people you grew up with?

Sometime it can be, but usually No. Not at all.

Our whole lives sometimes without knowing, we seek after a tranquil safe place that we can call home and be perfectly enbraced, trusted loved and permitted to be ourselves. Sometimes even for those who have shelter over their head, a pillow to rest their head, and seemingly everything they need, there can sometimes still be a detatchment or faint homesickness for something more.

At work or at play, we seek a safe place where the boogie man or bully can't get us, where we can't be tagged out or wronged by our peers and where we're surrounded by people who love us unconditionally.

As we go round and round on the hamster wheel we call life, we seek a greater purpose as we enter in and out of people's lives seeking respect, appreciation, happiness, love, fortune, and hoping along the way we find a place to rest and call home. We hope to find friends and loved ones that make us feel safe and at home. Sometimes in life in our quest for "home" we get lost and wander aimlessly with each day as stale as the next, without purpose. With that need for rest and feeling safe still ever present and necessary, mankind has been known to artificially numb our senses or falsely replicate those feelings of tranquility and home. - of course this feeling can never permanently be fabricated.

It''s difficult to explain, but as a child, i recall feeling homesick. I was home. I was with my brothers, mom and dad, but i can recall times sitting in my room feeling like I was missing somewhere else. Those weird feelings faded away in time, but i always wondered why i felt like that. - and NO. . i wasnt adopted or stolen at birth by my those people i called mom & dad. (just wanted to difuse that response)

Home is rest. it's feeling loved, accepted, and appreciated, its where we're safe and protected. Home is where we can truly be ourselves without judgment or conditions. Home is where we forget our troubles and they seemingly melt away. Home is where loved ones are concerned about us and are sad when we're sad, and happy when we're happy. Home is also where we help provide that safety net and love for someone else.

Everyone deserves to find this rest - whether its in this life or the next. If you found it, safeguard it. If you had it, but lost it, fight to get it back, if you're still looking and doubt its existance, I promise it's there.

Few things are as sweet as feeling the rest and promise of "home" - and regardless of what they say, you CAN go home again.

- m a r k


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